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Compendium on Best Practices in Small-Scale Mining in Africa [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]
Small-scale mining is increasingly gaining momentum in Africa. However, it is largely practiced in rural areas by those who lack the requisite education, training, management skills, essential equipment and financial resources.

Mineral Cluster Policy Study in Africa [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]
Pilot Studies of South Africa & Mozambique.

Mainstreaming Mineral Wealth in Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategies , ECA Policy Paper, By Antonio M.A. Pedro, ECA. [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]

Managing Mineral Wealth
Training Materials on “Management of Mineral Wealth and the Role of Mineral Wealth in Socio-economic Development” [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]

Improving Public Participation in the Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources in Africa [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]

Promoting Mineral Clusters: The Case of Tanzania [ PDF format - 3,02 mb ]


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